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alquranonlysubmission: Mathematical Miracle or Numerology Humbug

alquranonlysubmission: Mathematical Miracle or Numerology Humbug: THE QUR’AN’S NUMERICAL MIRACLE By Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips   1987 CE /1407 AH      TABLE OF CONTENTS ...

RASHADKHALIFAUNDERTHEEYESOFHISTORY: Rashad Khalifa, the American Covenant Messenger



Following verse confirms that the life-history is also a source of authentication either to believe or disregard someone or something:
[QURAN 10:16] Say (O Muhammad): “If Allah had so willed, I should not have recited it to you nor would He have made it known to you. Verily, I have stayed among you a life time before this. Have you then no sense?”
Also the Following verse is repeatedly mentioned throughout the Quran certifying the ‘good conduct’ of messengers of Allah [SWTA] and confirms that He has preserved their history and left it as a lesson for the future generations:
Sherali’s Translation: [37-108] And WE left for him a good name among the succeeding generations”
Khalifa’s Translation: [37:108] And we preserved his history for subsequent generations.
You can also look into the following verse, which may ponder more idea over the importance of history, in Quran:  
[12:111] In their histories there is certainly a lesson for men of understanding. It (the Qur’an) is not a narrative which could be forged, but a verification of what is before it, and a distinct explanation of all things, and a guide and a mercy to a people who believe.
Also have you ever thought about Allah’s plan to protect the history of the evil people as an bad example so that we would never follow their ways? Example: Pharaoh’s body! See What is Allah [SWTA]’s plan:     
[10:92] So today We will save you in body that you may be to those who succeed you a sign. And indeed, many among the people, of Our signs, are heedless” 
Also have you ever paid attention towards the following verses?
[7:84] “And we rained down on them a shower (of brimstone): Then see what the end of those who indulged in sin and crime was.”

[30:10] “Then the end of those that did evil was evil, for that they cried lies to the signs of God and mocked at them.”

[28:40] “So We took him and his soldiers and threw them into the sea. So see what the end of the wrongdoers was.”

Therefore this chapter is designed to shower lights on some of the hidden parts of the history of “RASHAD KHALIFA” not on his personal life! Also kindly note; almost all of the information furnished here are having living witnesses either in the form of humans or documents:                                                                                                                                                      Rashad Khalifa, the American Covenant Messenger
Written by Ahmed Mansour, the Prominent AHL-QURAN Leader in Arabic and
Translated by Mohamed Dandan, Source: 
Posted in Arabic in June, 11, 2015
1- Rashad Khalifa claimed in 1988, that he was the messenger of the Covenant, evidenced by Almighty’s saying: (When Allah made (His) covenant with the prophets, (He said): Behold that which I have given you of the Scripture and wisdom. And afterward there will come unto you a messenger, confirming that which ye possess. Ye shall believe in him and ye shall help him. He said: Do ye agree, and will ye take up My burden (which I lay upon you) in this (matter)? They answered: We agree. He said: Then bear ye witness. I will be a witness with you. (3: 81).
2- Rashad was the one who issued a decree that his “Excellency” was meant by this verse. Rashad Khalifa did not shy away from this extremism in lying and extremism in disbelief, as he declares himself a messenger from God Almighty, and that the previous verse concerning him personally, predicts his message, that God Almighty took the Covenant and the Charter of the Prophets to believe in him (i.e., Mr. / Rashad) and to aid and support him (i.e. Mr. / Rashad too), and that the Lord of Glory, after making a covenant with all of them, and their acknowledgment of all testimony, the Almighty said, he is also a witness to their covenant with Him. All of this for Mr. Rashad.
3- Some innocent questions evolve here: Why did not the verse specifies (Rashad Khalifa) by name, description, time and place as long as it he such great importance? What is the fate of those who died before knowing Mr. Rashad Khalifa from the first century AH and until the appearance of Mr. Rashad Khalifa’s in Tucson Arizona?
Those Millions of people, are they believers? If they were believers, is their faith complete or less complete? Will their incomplete faith bring them into paradise? As long as the verse is talking about all the Prophets from Noah and all those who followed him, then it is a serious matter, it includes all human beings living and dead. 
Accordingly, humans therefore are divided into only two parts: the juggernaut, the vast majority who have not heard of brother Rashad, and those who believed in and followed brother Rashad in Tucson, Arizona.
Even if we assume that all residents of Arizona (6 million) unanimously agreed on the faith in his Excellency Rashad Khalifa, this does not change anything. It remains (something wrong) in it, the basis of this (something wrong) of believing Rashad and his followers is that they raise Rashad above the prophets, not being satisfied by claiming he is the messenger of God.  
If you were to re-read the verse and imagined it to mean this creature, Rashad Khalifa, it will confirm to you that they actually raise this creature above the Prophets.
Rashad exploited his discovery of the peculiarity of number 19 in the Quran, to turn it into (Business), he even rigged some results in his favor. This discovery does not mean that he who came upon it, is of true faith, because the Exalted Allah’s ability to preserve the Quran exploits and causes human beings in conservation and preservation, no matter how far their disbelief reach.
And Mohammedans, followers of man-made faiths, did and they are still doing the preservation of the Holy Quran, written in the “Othmani” style against any distortion, and if anyone of them were told to omit any written and numbered verse in the Koran he would be filled with rage and anger. 
At the same time, he believes in the abrogation the Quran, in the sense of cancellation of Qur’anic legislation, and believes in the Prophet’s intercession negated by 150 Qur’anic verses.
1-Rashad Khalifa’s followers do not know that Rashad Khalifa himself was the first rejecter of his claims. I was with him in his group when he announced he was the messenger of Allah. I rejected this, he felt threatened by my split with him, and he postponed the subject, and claimed it was only just a joke. 
He then returned to the same theme and I ran away from his mosque, and disappear away from the eyes of his ardent followers, and I kept in my hideaway in the city of Tucson until he held his conference, which was prepared for the inauguration of his apostleship,
I declared  my expiation of him, and wrote a letter in English uncovering and exposing him, and refuted his claim that who dies before forty enters Paradise whatever he  might have done, and that was his Omen to his followers, and where it is alleged that Almighty God gave him. 

His conference failed because those who came to attend were eager to see me, the Azharite Sheikh, who was imprisoned in Egypt because of his denial of the Sunna, who Rashad Khalifa recruited and saved from the jaws of the Elders of delusion in Al-Azhar.
Rashad has stepped up his propaganda around me and my profound knowledge of Islam, and sent messages in my name, far and beyond,  in the expiation of Al-Azhar and cursing its elders to circumvent my  return to Egypt and to be at his command in his project, which I did not know anything about, his same messenger’s allegations. 

His propaganda about me made me famous among his followers in America and Canada, I saw its manifestations when I visited, accompanied by him, San Francisco and the city of Vancouver in Canada. He had many followers in America and abroad in that time.
Rashad Khalifa fell into a state of (confusion) when I confronted him in his mosque, rejecting his claim of being messenger of Allah. At that time, he was in possession of my papers, my passport and all of my writings in his office. 

The discussion between us was conducted in Arabic, his American secretary did not understand any of it, he went out to the (gym) to end our discussion, I took the opportunity and asked her to let me enter the office to take my belongings, which I did, and with the help of one of the pioneers of the mosque, escaped in a taxi, who found me an apartment in a remote location, concealing my address from Rashad.
Rashad had to hold the conference on schedule, and was faced by everyone’s question about the absent Azharite Sheikh, who was supposed to reinforce his claim to be the messenger of the Covenant. He was in real deep severe trouble, he could not attack me after all the praises he heaped on me, and as long as he claimed to them that he was receiving revelation, why didn’t  he know that this Azharite Sheikh would oppose and turn on him.
As they say: (Trickery caught up with its perpetrator, and the bad cunning engulfed its originator). The deterioration and failure of Rashad Khalifa’s conference made it clear to most of his followers that he was deceitful and a liar, especially with my messages to some of them who I knew. His condition of deterioration remained unchanged until he was murdered in his mosque, after more than a year of my return to Egypt.
2- According to my observation at that time, I see in him that his real idol was in prestige, wealth and fame. Rashad wanted fame, money and prestige via the American style and culture which allows fame , prestige and wealth of any televised religious advocate like Swaggart, who used to echo in his theatre in front of thousands of followers that God told him so and so and inspired him such and such, and found thousands to believe him and cry out in sympathy with him and support him. 
Especially among elderly women who wasted their lives and their youth in promiscuity, then entered at a later stage of their lives in (religious shamelessness) or (religious madness) or a( preachers’ mania), and found those preachers in wait to swallow their savings with the sweet promise of salvation in the company of Christ and the heaven of Jesus.
Rashad was an admirer of preacher Swaggart, longed for some of his fame, and asked to debate him more than once after the famous debate between Swaggart and Deedat. Swaggart did not respond to Rashad’s request and ignored him. Rashad’s eyes were on the elderly wealthy American women, and in the end his wealth and what he earns will not avail him.
3 -Rashad Khalifa was a Sufi, he believed in saints’ blessings, God Almighty knows, and enough that the Almighty is all-Knower, he spoke with some of his companions, in front of me, telling them about aspects and features, about me to prove that I’m  one of the righteous  saints.! .. And he forgot that I am an ardent opponent of Sufism and one of the biggest who exposed the myths of special attributes of saints and the paranormal.
But they were attempts to corrupt me to be like him and support him in the allegation that he was the messenger of the Covenant. I remember once during one of our discussion, he said to me that my name (Ahmed) is mentioned in the Quran, which indicates a personal reference to me being a messenger. That was a hilarious funny allegation, for there were millions with the name (Ahmed), and (Ahmad) mentioned in Surat A-ssef is the seal of messengers of the Lord of Glory.
I do not slander (Rashad Khalifa) after his death, because I believe that God Almighty will hold me accountable on every word I say or write. I write a testimony I will be responsible for in front of the Lord of Glory, I and my opponent will come in front of the Almighty one to judge between us.
(Rashad Khalifa) conned and deceived me, taking advantage of my painful situation and my need for someone to help me, in my plight after I came out of prison in 1987, after my besieged life in Egypt, not being able to make a living or depart from that unjust country.
He took advantage of my plight in a scheme in order to use me I knew nothing about. Despite all “carrot and stick approach”, I stood against him, and ended my relationship with him.
My story has living witnesses:                                                              Noble people who assisted me in that time. They are Mahmoud Pirouz and his wife Dr. Mehri pirouz, the now Quranists’ leaders in California, Mohamed Ahmed and his wife, and Dr. Ali Izadi in Canada.  
When I departed ways with Rashad Khalifa because of his false claim of prphecy, and disappeared out of fear for my life from him in the city of Tucson. Mehri and Mahmoud stood by me during in my ordeal.
I had never met them before this.  I was penniless, living in hiding. One day an urgent message from my  bank came to inform me that my account was overdraft,  then I received a phone call from Canada, Mr. Mohamed Ahmed, May God Almighty endow him with heath, went overboard in trying to locate me, and sent me much needed funds. He, along with the Pirouz family (Mahmoud & Mehri), also Dr. Ali Aizady, May God Almighty blesses them all, stood by my side.
They asked me to travel to San Francisco to be with Mahmoud  & Mehri Pirouz. I requested that I stay until Rashad Khalifa is inaugurated as a messenger, to respond to him. After the failure of the conference, I traveled to San Francisco, and I lived there for several months under the auspices of the Pirouz family, then out of fear for my children, returned to Egypt, to be welcomed at the airport, and sent directly straight to the state security prison for two nights of the harshest that I have lived in my life.
My connection with the Pirouz family remained close, I was honoured by their visit to me in Cairo, and Dr. Mehri gave a lecture at Ibn Khaldun Center weekly forum, a think tank run by me in 1990,s. Those noble people used to be sympathizers with Rashad Khalifa, then they discovered the truth, and abandoned him, and when they learned of my split with him, they kept looking for me, to extend a helping hand in my plight.

Is Rashad The Most Influential Figure In The Quranist Movement?
Eyad Nusayr’s Question From Tucson, AZ to Ahmed Mansour:           
Dear Dr. Mansour, I have been debating Edip Yuksel on facebook and he made the following claim about you: “Mansour was influenced by Rashad and became a Quranist” I defended you from this claim and said that you reached your conclusions without Rashad Khalifah’s help and declared that I would email you.
Edip is trying to impose Rashad as the most influential figure in the Quranist movement. Since you are a historian, could you please clarify the role that Rashad played in the Quranist movement in general and his influence on your personal development. It would also be helpful to write a historical synopsis of the Quranist movement in general. To see my debate with Edip please follow the link below:
-Kind regards Eyad Nusayr Tucson, AZ
Ahmed Mansour’s Reply:                                                                     
Rashad Khalifa believed in himself as a messenger who had revelation from God. When he claimed himself as a messenger of God, he published an article saying (God insists). So, he was bluffing when he said (Quran and nothing but Quran).
I said to him, if you claim a Holy revelation from Allah, then what the difference between you and the Sunni scholars?  He evacuated me from his mosque because of this. In my belief, Rashad Khalifa was not Quranist at all. He was a real Sufi.
Before knowing Rashad Khalifa, I was persecuted in Al Azhar during (1977 – 1980) and in 1985. This was because of my books and researches that established the hard core of the Quranic trend. In 1987, I was fired from Al Azhar, and put in jail because of my eleventh book (The sinful Muslim). This was before meeting Rashad Khalifa.
Coming to his mosque in Tucson in 1988, there were a lot of discussions and debate between the two of us in Arabic Language. This debate proved to me how ignorant he was in the difference between the classic Arabic Language and the unique Arabic Quranic terminology. He was also very ignorant in the Islamic fields and Muslim traditions and the gap between Islam and Muslims. This Arabic knowledge is the necessary backbone for any Quranic scholar.
My English was so maimed in that time that I could not read any of his writings. This includes his translation of the Quran and his newsletters. I had a lot of time after leaving him in 1988 to improve my English. In some months in late 1988, I read most of his translation of the Quran and discovered some outrageous errors. I understood why he used to keep me talking in Arabic only with him to isolate me from his people. It was a very painful time. I try to forget it.
Source Link:
Note: Now are you very much in curiosity to know about Ahmed Mansour, the Prominent Ahl-Quran leader, from the heart of Dr Rashad Khalifa?  Kindly Read Muslim Perspective, December 1987, news bulletin Released by Rashad Khalifa! 

The Fraudulent Messenger Of Covenant
An email from a person who knew Rashad Khalifa:
Please be advised that the emphasis below are mine.
From: “elsharkawy” <>
Subject: RV: the fraudlent messenger of covenant
Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2006 12:59:32 -0500
Dear Osama Abdullah, Ramadan Kareem.
I am taking the liberty in sending you my recent message to the so-called Muslim organization, submission, after I came across of its web site two days ago via internet. Unfortunately, I never heard about the heretic claims of Rashad Khalifa until lately as I was always busy in my scientific research across Africa, Asia, Middle East and Latin America.
The last time I saw Khalifa was in 1975- 76 in Tripoli, Libya, when we both were working there. The message below summarizes my personal view about him. Feel free to comment on the message and possibly circulating it to whom you see fit and of concern.
Sincerely yours,
Mabrouk A. El-Sharkawy, PhD, U of Arizona, Tucson, USA, 1965
Retired senior scientist, Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical (CIAT), Cali, Colombia, South America
De: elsharkawy []
Enviado el: Jueves, 21 de Septiembre de 2006 07:41 p.m.
Para: ‘ ‘
Asunto: the fraudlent messenger of covenant
Today, I just ran into your website and was astonished by the false claims expressed by a fraudulent person by the name Dr. Rashad Khalifa whom I happened to know personally, as we both were Egyptian graduate students of agriculture in the US 1959-66.
Again we met in Cairo 1966-1968 as we both were researchers in the Ministry of Agriculture and the Univ of Ein-Shams and lately in Tripoli, Libya in early 1970’s as I was a professor at Tripoli Univ and Khalifa was a researcher at the newly founded Arab Institute for Development that was headed at the time by the ex Libyan colleague Dr. Saad Bin-Hemid (a prof of mathematics) to attract Arab expatriates.
Khalifa was known by his continuous deception, lying, misconduct, exploitation, and fraudulent behavior. First, he claimed to be a chemist while the official certificates of the Bsc, Msc, PhD, indicated that he was an agriculturist-horticulturist (Bsc from Ein-Shams Univ, Cairo , Msc, Univ of Arizona, Tucson , and PhD , Univ of California, Riverside).
He had defected from Egypt in 1968 under a false claim of taking his American wife to a visit to her family in Tucson, but never returned to Egypt where we both were committed to serve our country for a minimum of 7 years as we had government scholarships to pursue our graduate studies in the US . Khalifa’s father, as I knew him, was a cleric employee in Egypt with middle level education and not an eminent Muslim Sufi as claimed by his son.
Sufism in Islam is supposed to be a way of self-discipline, meditation and fully abiding by the letters of Shari’a laws of the Muslim holy book and the stated religious teachings. As a young adult ( from 13 -18 years old), I was fascinated by Sufism but later, as I found that the way it was practiced was mostly a cover of misbehavior and misconduct, I broke away with its followers called DARAWEESH ( somehow like the nuns and monks in Catholic church misbehaving )!!.
While Khalifa was contracted to work in Libya with a very high salary under the pretext that he is capable as a “claimed-chemist” to turn Libya into a protein-rich and exporter country by applying a “secretive” methodology to their vast oil resources that he failed to reveal to a committee of experts ( of which I was a member representing the Tripoli Univ), I faced him with the facts to the contrary of his claims.
When I pressed him to write down details of his project including the chemical-biological procedures that he will apply in producing protein from oil, he declined and submitted his resignation to the director of the Institute, after a 2-y stay doing nothing other than abusing the Libyan media and the public good-well by talking about Islam and lecturing in TV.
Suddenly the “eminent self-claimed and false chemist” turned into a self-claimed Muslim scholar/theologian who abused the generosity of the US society, freedom and democracy by claiming himself the awaited-for DIVINE MESSENGER OF COVENANT, citing the Bible and the Koran!!.
He amassed huge amount of money, by donations, via deceiving many Muslim countries including the Libyans and the Sauidis by his claim of discovering and deciphering the “Divine Secret Code” of the Muslim book, the Koran based on a mysterious numerical calculation using the number 19 as a base and cornerstone number ( some of the Jews claimed something similar centuries ago).
Khalifa apparently paid for his fraudulent attitude by his life as he was assassinated by some zealous Muslim in Tucson , Az , 1990. So he was another example of JIM JONES, both abused financially and sexually their na├»ve followers as it was later revealed by their victims. It is about time the learned societies worldwide eradicate those NUTS………..m. elsharkawy.

Rashad Khalifa’s Rape Case – The Hidden Secret
As everyone [except the new-comers to Deen-E-Khalifa; yes, for them  it is still a hidden secret] knows, in 1979 Rashid Khalifah was arrested for trying to rape a girl.  Somehow, the girl avoided it.  But Rashid Khalifah did dishonor her by touching her body.  Khalifah admitted this to the police.  You can check the references of this incident at the end of this discussion. 
I have quoted the contents of Wikipedia on this incident.  I have also quoted the ‘Tucson Citizen’ Newspaper article.  This article is not available on any website because it appeared in 1979 before the internet era.  
However, under the link given below a scanned copy of the article is available.  It loads a bit slowly and print isn’t too clear but still it is legible                           

Here’s what Online Wikipedia writes on his criminal charges:
“In October, 1979, Khalifa was accused of sexual assault, sexual abuse, and sexual contact with a minor. The accuser, a 16-year-old-girl, testified at a hearing that Khalifa sexually molested her while recruiting her for research on the human aura. 
There was no evidence of intercourse found when the girl was examined at a local hospital; however, Justice of the Peace James P. West ruled there was sufficient evidence to hold Khalifa for trial on the charges.”
This is what the article on rape charges against Rashad Khalifa, which originally appeared in the “Tucson Citizen,” on October 6, 1979, p. 2B. [See the “Tucson Citizen” News Paper Article] clearly states:
“. . . A 16-year-old-girl testified that he [RK] raped her while supposedly recruiting her for a United Nations research project.”
“According to the girl, Khalifa recruited her to do research on the aura, a luminous radiation that supposedly surrounds the body, and met her Sept. 3 at an East Side office for that purpose.”
“The girl said Khalifa asked her to remove her clothing so that it wouldn’t interfere with her aura and after massaging several parts of her body, he proceeded to have sexual relations with her.”
“…Khalifa admitted to the police that he had manipulated the girl’s breasts during his research. . . .”
“Justice of The Peace James West held a three-day hearing, and found sufficient evidence to order Khalifa to “stand trial on charges of sexual assault, sexual abuse, and sexual contact with a minor.” At the time of this incident Rashad was 43, was married, and had two children.
Here is what [] said about the case [For your cleverness, now they have smartly removed the information from their site for hiding it from the new-comers saying “We are very sorry, but the page you have requested doesn’t seem to exist!” 
Here is what Posted on 12/19/00 3:49 pm under “God Alone Quran Alone”

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Re: RASHAD KAHLIFA——THE ALLEGED RAPI    <IMG SRC=”; WIDTH=”12″ HEIGHT=”12″ BORDER=”0″ DATASIZE=”84″> Submission_org 12/19/00 3:49 pm  

Rashad Khalifa was . . . accused of sexual harassment (not rape) . . . His accusation came in the middle of his most active period of his life trying to derail him but he was smarter and did not allow the case to drag on, and distract him from his religious activities, and his message (as his enemies were hoping.)                                                                                    
Though cloaked in denial, the submission organization post actually contains a KEY ADMISSION! has stated above <No contest is no admission of guilt> but as a matter of law, this is just not TRUE. Read how Bouvier’s Law Dictionary (3rd edition) defines such a plea:
“A plea sometimes accepted in criminal cases . . . whereby the defendant does not DIRECTLY admit himself to be guilty, but TACITLY ADMITS IT by throwing himself on the mercy of the court . . .” Vol. 2, p. 2352, emphasis added.
There is a tactical reason defendants will make such a plea: “It is NOT ADMISSIBLE in a civil proceeding on the same facts to show that the defendant was guilty. . .” Ibid.
This means that the plea was done in such a way to assure that RK would not be admitting liability in any civil suit the victim or her family may have brought. has stated above < PERMISSION FOR THE COURT TO FINISH THE CASE FASTER IN A MATTER AGREEABLE TO ALL PARTIES> “Does this not meant compromise against the true justice” 

See how Khalifa has translated for verses from 72:13-15 about believers, submitters and compromisers:

[72:13] ‘When we heard the guidance, we believed therein. Anyone who believes in his Lord will never fear any injustice nor any affliction.

[72:14]’Among us are the submitters, and among us are the compromisers.” As for those who submitted, they are on the right path.

[72:15]As for the compromisers, they will be fuel for Gehenna.

More disturbing things about RK’s statutory rape case:           
1) A judge who heard all the evidence and find probable cause to require RK should stand for the trial. It is disturbing as the court has ordered to find out whether is there were any other girls who have been molested in the same way! And this is what the judge who presided over RK’s preliminary hearing has found since the case was bound over for trial before RK plea-bargained.
2) One of the arguments that have been placed in the court in favor of Khalifa was “Why the girl did not tried to relieve her from the hold of Khalifa [I believe the intended meaning was does she also liked it or enjoyed it, because I believe under US Laws if both the parties agreed then sex is not an offense]. 
The humble reply of the girl was resembling ‘that she got frightened by that unexpected approach’! I request everyone should personally go-through the news paper article before coming to any conclusion.   
Tucson Citizen Newspaper article: In the link below see the snap shot of the Arizona “Tucson Citizen,” October 6, 1979, p. 2B, news paper regarding Rashid Khalifa’s rape case with a teenager:
If anyone go through the above news paper article line-by-line and compare the attitudes of Prophet Joseph, who has been blasphemed with an alleged rape case [by a vice, evil and a cunning woman] with Rashad Khalifa‘s behavior, approach, and attitude in this matter, everyone would conclude that Rashad Khalifa as a fake messenger. 

I suggest everyone to use a “match the following table” to compare the attitudes and get the suggested results!
Source Links; it is innumerable but I want to Quote three of them:

“Regarding Khalifa’s Decision of Changing the Qibla:
Earth is NOT flat as khalifates still believe. No one can give them knowledge except Allah [SWTA]. But those who ponder on this have clearly seen that the earth is approximately round. Earth’s shadow on moon is visible at Moon Eclipse, and it is always round. Other proofs of roundness are observations; when a sailing-away ship is seen on the horizon for a distance it vanishes slowly going below horizon, etc. 

Regarding the Qibla direction, Khalifates debate [based on their leader-Khalifa’s advice] whether the direction for North America as being North-East or South-East, is because of their lack of understanding that the earth is not flat. Therefore they should not look at the flat map. The round earth gives a different perspective. 

If they look at the globe then they would see that the direction from Alaska to Makkah is due North, although Makkah is South of Alaska. If there were a minaret over Ka’bah that was so high that it reaches the sky, then you could see it from Nova Scotia and it would be in North-East direction. 

In fact the sun comes approximately overhead above Ka’bah on two dates every year [May 28 at 9:18 UT, July 15 at 9:27 UT]. That is like a minaret over ka’bah. Any one can Read about it on the Qibla direction page: 

Therefore the correct direction of Qibla, from North America in general is North-East, except on North-west corner of USA and Alaska where Qibla is almost North.

Believers knew well that Qibla is the noblest of directions as it was ordained by Allah [SWTA]. Just like how Khalifa has taken the religion as a vanity and tried to introduce a new scripture [Final Testament], new hadhiths (his own hadiths), new prayer system, new criminal laws, etc., the same way Khalifa was also determined to change the direction of Qibla; in-order to make the religion completely uncertain for the existing believers and confusing for the new converts! 
Khalifa has advised his followers to take the direction of the Qibla as South-East from Tucson, Arizona instead of North-East, which is considered as the direction of Qibla by the Muslim [Note: Not the Ahmadiyyas] Mosques in Arizona, USA. [A living example would be Islamic Center of Tucson, Visit:]. 
The following ‘part of the post’ originally written by Abd Ul-Rahman Lomax would clarify the tricky games played by Khalifa in changing the Qibla:

By Abd Ul-Rahman Lomax, Formally accepted Islam in 1971”
In one conversation I had with him [Rashad Khalifa], we were discussing the direction of Mecca, specifically from Tucson. There are two basic ideas for determining the direction: the constant-compass-heading direction and the great circle, shortest-distance-over the surface direction.
From Tucson, ESE [East-southeast] and NNE [North-northeast] as I recall. Khalifa had worked out a demonstration that it was ESE that involved an idea that the direction through the earth, the “absolute” direction, would be ESE. It was completely bogus, i.e., if the argument were followed, it indicated NNE. I showed him. He then gave me another reason for ESE. It was also bogus.
We went through several of these, and, remarkably, he would accept each argument, but then present another. And then he came to the final argument. “I know it is SSE because God told me.” At the time, I didn’t have the wits to ask him the questions that would now be obvious to me. I just knew that I was in the presence of what I call “paranoid thinking,” for lack of a better term, and I gave up.
God did *not* tell me the direction, except in what I can see. (And I wrote a book on this topic once, which I never published because Nuh Keller’s book came out.)                                                                              
I published my findings about Khalifa on the internet, mostly on the newsgroup soc.religion.islam. An entire book was devoted to “refuting” me, by Edip Yuksel, “Running like zebras.” I just looked and it is still out there:
{Note: Are interested in knowing Nuh Keller’s book named ‘Port in a Storm’; A Fiqh Solution to the Qibla of North America? kindly go through the following information about it: This widely acclaimed book settles the question of the physical direction of Mecca from North America in the first thirty pages, after which it presents to readers for the first time the 1998 Fatwa of al-Azhar on the North American qibla. 
From this point of departure, the author surveys such major contemporary issues as the relation between religion and science, the Sacred and profane, scholars and engineers, ijtihad and taqlid.
Combining traditional Islamic law, a clear exposition of the complex geographical issues, and the author’s own meetings and correspondence with twenty-three contemporary scholars from seven Muslim lands, the book is a journey of discovery not only for Western Muslims, but everyone interested in Sacred Law in a modern world.
Port in a Storm is an essential component of any collection of modern scholarly texts on Islamic legal issues. The book addresses issues such as the direction of prayer for Muslims in North America, the grounds for consensus building in the Muslim community with regards to legal rulings and the relationship between Islamic law and technological advancement.
This book was a finalist in the prestigious British Book Design and Production Awards 2002 and has received wide critical acclaim.}                                                                                                 

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Now let us see the hard times of Edip Yuksel, the friend and follower of Rashad Khalifa had faced when he insisted the followers of Deen-e-Khalifa to follow the correct Qibla:

The Perpetual Test

When some people questioned our direction for prayers in the Masjid Tucson, the members of our community reacted differently. Those of us who were making fun of Muhammadans for disputing over the first day of Ramadan started disputing over a matter of similar simplicity.
Finding the direction of Ka’ba was no more difficult than finding the first day of the crescent. Some members of our community who were comfortably asking astronomers when to start fasting developed allergy against the astronomers and experts.
When we invited an astronomer to the Masjid to demonstrate the direction of Mecca on the GLOBE and to answer the questions, none of those who turn to the wrong direction asked a question nor challenged the accuracy of the demonstration.
This visual demonstration, although took less than five minutes, was protested by some. They claimed that their Quranic study was interrupted by that “disbeliever” astronomer. Without knowing our guest, they insulted him and told him to get out of the Masjid.
The hypocrisy of using the Quranic study as an excuse to avoid and suppress the truth was evident in the fact that the same people were not hesitating in spending dozens of minutes on personal stories or jokes during the Quranic studies. The direction of the prayer somehow became unQuranic after the truth of the matter became evident.
After reading several articles written by experts and after talking with astronomers and those who are experts in Global Positioning Systems, it became evident that the direction of Ka’ba from Tucson was North-East. There is clear consensus among scientists and experts.
Their argument is very clear and convincing for those who have open minds. Despite the scientific fact, many in our community, inspired by the flat map of Mercator’s Projection, continued turning their face to a wrong direction.
This issue was ignored for months. Finally, in a Quranic study, we discussed the issue. Those of us, who changed the Qibla based on the knowledge we have acquired, talked in unity. We said that facing something means facing the shortest line between you and the object.
The shortest line on the GLOBE surely is the shortest curve. You might connect yourself and the object of your direction with many imaginary lines, but the only different ones are the shortest and longest ones. If you face the longest connecting line you will be turning your back, but if you face the shortest one you will be facing it. Thus, the shortest curve connecting Tucson to Mecca shows the North-East direction.
In fact, those who insist on turning to East or South-East also have employed the same “shortest line” principle, but on a FLAT EARTH. Connecting your location with Mecca with the shortest line on a MERCATOR’S FLAT MAP does not coincide with the reality of GOD’S ROUND PLANET.
Those who were insisting on turning their face to the wrong direction had many different reasons. The five different reasons that were cited in one meeting were:
  1. “I turn to East, because turning to North-East is too complicated. I do not understand their argument.” This person, while acknowledging her ignorance on the subject, neither read the articles on the subject nor asked any questions to clarify the issue. She arrogantly insisted on the wrong Qibla claiming that it was easier from the correct Qibla. She simply chose a distorted flat map to the globe.
  1. “I follow the Quran alone. There are only ‘East’ and ‘West’ in the Quran. So, I turn to East. There is no a direction called North-East.” This person knowingly abused the verses of the Quran to justify the wrong Qibla. She knew that there were plural forms of East and West in the Quran (7:137; 37:5; 70:40). She also knew that every direction could be defined in terms of only East and West. She could not answer how could people in Medina (a city North of Mecca) face Ka’ba according to her theory, but she insisted on turning to the wrong direction.
  1.  “I turn to East, for a spiritual reason.” When we questioned what was the spiritual reason that person acknowledged that it was the practice of the “Messenger of the Covenant.” She knew that it was called Sunna and she was not ready to accept the fact that she has replaced the old Sunna with a newer version [Sunnathe-Khalifa]. When she was warned of creating another authority besides God’s word, she tried to defend her position by suggesting digging a tunnel between Tucson and Mecca.                                                               
When we challenged her by asking whether she would correct her direction if the tunnel she suggested showed the North-East, she could not answer. This incredible conversation sounded like a miraculous fulfillment of verse 6:35 that mentions a bizarre aargument voiced by mushriks.
  1.  “I turn to North-East when I pray at home, but for the sake of unity I turn to East when I pray at Masjid.” This person, ironically, was the same person who gave a khutba warning us against peer pressure just a week before. He was turning to the wrong direction to preserve the unity!
  1.  “Well, we follow the walls. The walls of the Masjid are lined up East-West, so we turn our face to East.” Accepting the contractors and masons as the indicators of direction for the Salat prayer was the so bizarre idea that needs no further comment. This argument reminded me the psychological, economical and political walls in the minds of people. Interestingly, this “wall theory” closed the arguments and it was perhaps accepted as the best theory.
There were others who tried to save their tradition [Qibla change implemented by Rashad Khalifa] by playing with linguistics. They claimed that if you turn to North-East, the Qibla changes to South-East after passing the North Pole.
This people are so ignorant of astronomy that they think the imaginary lines such as Parallels, or Poles that resulted from the rotation of the Earth or its magnetic force would have influence on the direction of locations on the Earth. If they could simply manage to imagine themselves on the North Pole, they would find out that they could not face each other according to their silly theory.
And there were others who did not express any “reason” at all. Perhaps they just did not care. They did not try to justify the wrong direction by flimsy excuses and silly reasons. The comfort of following the majority [majority among the Khalifates] and their “infallible [Rashad Khalifa]” messenger was sufficient for them.
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Now kindly read the following verses so that you would get more insights towards the Questions who is Khalifa and whom the “Khalifates” really are:
“The Signs of Allah have they sold for a miserable price, and (many) have they hindered from His way: evil indeed are the deeds they have done. (9:9)
“Those who behave arrogantly on the earth in defiance of right – them I will turn away from My signs: Even if they see all the signs, they will not believe in them; and if they see the way of right conduct, they will not adopt it as the way; but if they see the way of error, that is the way they will adopt.For they have rejected our signs, and failed to take warning from them. (7:146)
“And squat not on every road, breathing threats, hindering from the path of Allah those who believe in Him, and seeking in it something crooked; But remember how ye were little, and He gave you increase. And hold in your mind’s eye what was the end of those who did mischief. (7:86)
“Those who would hinder (men) from the path of Allah and would seek in it something crooked: they were those who denied the Hereafter.” (7: 45)
“Those who reject Faith and do wrong,- Allah will not forgive them nor guide them to any-way (4: 168)
“Those who reject Faith and keep off (men) from the way of Allah, have verily strayed far, far away from the Path. (4: 167)
“If anyone contends with the Messenger [Muhammad] even after guidance has been plainly conveyed to him, and follows a path other than that becoming to men of Faith, We shall leave him in the path he has chosen, and land him in Hell,- what an evil refuge! (4:115)
“Hast you not turned your vision to those who were given a portion of the Book? They traffic in error, and wish that you should lose the right path. (4: 44)

                        Masha Allah, The End- Al-Hamdulillah

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